We are Professor Twinkleton and Baba​

We make fun and educational videos for kids.

Our videos are made for 1 – 4 year old kids. This is when children start developing cognitive, emotional and social capabilities. We want to capture their interest in science and technology at this important development stage.

All videos and songs are evaluated by preschool kids. We also collect feedback from parents, grandparents and babysitters to ensure that everyone will enjoy the adventures of Professor Twinkleton and Baba.

The Team

Professor Twinkleton is created and produced by a team of Swedish engineers. They are alumni of Luleå University of Technology in northern Sweden.

Many talented people contribute to the production of Professor Twinkleton. Puppet makers, preschool teachers, animators, video editors and many more.

  • Executive video and music production
    Stefan Larsson & The Engineers at Twinkleton AB in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Puppet design and crafting
    Helena Bäckman at Äwe Dockmakare AB in Bromma, Sweden. Email Helena at awebackman@gmail.com
  • Video editing, animation and computer generated graphics
    Felix Ahlberg and Emelie Blomqvist at Mofeel Pictures in Älvsjö, Sweden
  • Illustrations and graphic design
    Aleksandar Mihajlovic in Belgrad, Serbia. Email Aleksandar at bgddesign@gmail.com
  • Music mastering
    Martin Ankelius at Cutting Room Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Legal and intellectual property rights
    Jonas Gombrii and Fredrik Söderblom at Law firm Glimstedt in Stockholm Sweden

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